Effective Sales Leadership Comes From Managing Sales Success Of Each Salesperson and the Entire Sales Team

In the past ten years, The Pease Group has helped over 1,500 sales executives and over 2,500 salespeople improve sales productivity. Konica-Minolta, SCAN Healthplan, Yaskawa Electric America, Rockwell Automation, General Electric, Lubrication Engineers, Boshart Industries, and Enterprise Ireland have all improved sales productivity through The Pease Group programs. Manufacturers Representative Associations such as MANA, PTRA, AHTD, MAFSI, and IMRA, have called on The Pease Group to educate their manufacturer sales executives. Sales Executive seminars, workshops, and online forums from The Pease Group have helped sales executives become more effective leading their sales teams by answering the following questions:

  • How can I get more of my sales team’s strategic mind-share?
  • How do I get to the point where I know they are doing the right thing when I’m not watching?
  • Do I have the right people in the right place?
  • What motivates and what de-motivates salespeople?
  • How do I enforce accountability for performance and behavior? Does our sales team meet our expectations?
  • How has the sales behavior model changed?
  • Is sales a systemic process or adaptive strategy?

It’s not a matter of forcing the sales team to obey. Management by directive only works with submissive people. Good salespeople aren’t submissive. It’s not a matter of “hands off” managing. A sales team left to individual agendas is anarchistic and not very profitable. The Pease Group’s approach is to

  • Customize the program to your goals and needs.
  • Engage over time. Even our one-day programs require pre-program work and post-program follow-up.
  • Guide as needed, coach when necessary, and always provide candid input. We don’t run “Happy Camps”.
  • Help define the talent you need and evaluate the talent you have.
  • Show you how to use Mutual Action Planning with Adaptive Strategy as the foundation for successfully sustaining profitable growth.