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5 Symptoms during your pregnancy that should never be ignored

With more women reportedly leaving the medical practice than men in 2017, pay gaps and burn-outs are the number one reason listed in a medical journal. With a high demand amongst pregnant women to have a female doctor instead, the medical field is now only considering bridging an unfair pay gap and work hours, where women doctors and medical staff are concerned. The following list helps you recognize warning symptoms during your pregnancy, where you may need to get immediate help from your doctor’s office, like the gap medical centre.


Unusual Activity


As your baby grows, stretching, kicking and sometimes a painful elbow jab here or it is quite normal. However, if all movement seems to have decreased or increased, you need to get in touch with your doctor’s clinic like The Gap medical center to monitor your baby’s movement. Experienced caregivers similar to doctors the gap, may ask you to count your baby’s kicks with specific instructions when to call in case it increases or decreases.


Pain & Bleeding


If you are a first-time mother, spot bleeding might scare you. Although it is quite common all over the world, severe abdominal pain that leads to bleeding may be the unfortunate sign that your baby is in danger or your placenta may have detached. You will need immediate medical help from your local physicians in the gap medical center where experienced medical staff may be able to ease the pain or save you from excessive bleeding.


Pelvic Pressure


Depending on your baby’s weight, pelvic pressure as if the baby is being pushed downwards may be dangerous for both you and the fetus. Symptoms may include shortness of breath, lower back pain, inability to walk straight and contractions. If it is not close to your due date you have to visit your local GP like family practice the gap center in case you are about to have a premature baby. With modern medicine and equipment, premature babies have a better chance of surviving now than they did only 20 years ago. In case you are close to your due date and notice mucous discharge, it may mean you are soon going to experience contractions and go into labor.


Fever & Vomiting


Although these are all symptoms of morning sickness during your first trimester, if you are regularly experiencing sickness spells even after your morning sickness phase, you may have an infection which you need to treat before giving birth to your baby. Experienced mother and child care specialists which almost all Walton bridge medical centers have might keep you for observation while they administer the right medication to help you fight any infection and stop it from spreading to your baby.


Swelling & Cramps


Since pregnancy is not an easy or a comfortable feat, ankle swelling, as well as neck and back cramps, are a part of the territory. However, if you experience swelling around your face, eyes, and hands or notice a rapid increase in weight, it could be diabetes or thyroid as well. Sometimes during pregnancy, mothers may become diabetic due to previous family history, latent genes or poor dietary habits. Remember to keep yourself healthy, exercise regularly and have the vitamins your doctor prescribes early on during your pregnancy to avoid such symptoms.


Find a family doctor early in your pregnancy so you have the right diet and birthing plan that works for you. You can ask your current physician or make an appointment by visiting sites like SmartClinics.

Address Nail Problems First: Getting the Most Out of Nail Treatments

Nail care products, such as a holographic gel polish, are in-demand today. However, these nail treatments won’t be able to give you the best results if you fail to take care of your nails first. That is why it is important to see a nail care specialist from time to time.

Image result for holographic gel polish

Addressing Nail Problems with a Specialist

Giving your nails utmost care doesn’t only involve buying the most expensive nail-care products out there and following DIY videos to apply them on your own. Of course, it also involves addressing specific problems that you may have with your nails. For example, if you notice that your nails are growing abnormally, you might need to have them checked by a specialist. By doing so, she can give you helpful insights on how to address the problem. She might even be able to uncover some conditions that might be causing it.

Another problem that can affect the look of your fingers or toes is clubbed nails. While there is no specific treatment to this condition, at least a specialist can provide you with tips on how to deal with it.

Now, with your nail problems taken care of, you can make them look great with cosmetic treatments, such as holographic gel polish. Especially when you choose one with an exemplary nail colour, you can turn your nails from drab to fab! Just have them treated at a trusted salon to ensure that you will get the results that you are looking for. Click here FNUG

Main Causes of Nail Damage and Ways to Address Them

Among the main causes of damaged or broken nails are excessive nibbling and reckless nail trimming. Apparently, if you bite your nails often, you would not be able to grow good-looking nails. So, kick the habit!

Another cause of nail damage is an injury to your fingers or toes. Maybe, you have sustained such injury from closing a door or window. If this is the case, then you should see a nail specialist for advice on how to grow them back again normally.

Keeping Dry Nails at Bay

One problem that you might also have with your nails is that they are extremely dry. Lucky for you, there are easy solutions that you can try to fix this problem. For the most part, you can just moisturise your nails.

Now, if you don’t have this problem, it doesn’t mean that you can rest easy. Make no mistake—you would experience dry nails at certain points in life. With that in mind, here are prevention tips to consider:

  • Soak your nails in olive oil from time to time.
  • Apply cuticle cream.
  • Wear gloves for demanding chores.
  • Eat foods that are rich in biotin.
  • Do not overuse your nails.

While caring for your nails is not as simple as you might think, it is a very important part of getting that great overall look. Now that you have prepped your nails, it is time thing to make them look better with a holographic gel polish. In this regard, you can check out a good collection of this product from a European nail polish company at

Female Gynaecologists: Are They Better For You?

Gynaecologists specialize a specific area of medicine that is specialized in the care and treatment of issues relating to the female reproductive system. It is not true that only pregnant women need the services of a gynaecologists; all women should see a gynaecologist at least once a year to ensure the health of their reproductive system. When looking for a gynaecologist, one of the things women consider is the gender of the doctor. It is a legitimate concern because it would seem natural to consider Sydney CBD female gynaecologist over a male one since they would understand the female body more. But is it really a better option for you?
One of the things that women take into account when choosing a female gynaecologist is their comfort level. Indeed, you can talk more openly to a woman about your female health issues, particularly involving your female reproductive system. However, this is not to say that male gynaecologists are less competent than female ones. But women are naturally more inclined to be open to fellow women about their health issues.
To help you decide when shopping around for Sydney CBD gynaecologists, here are some points of comparison to consider.
Female Gynaecologists Make It Less Awkward
As mentioned earlier, a Sydney female gynaecologist will make the examination and consultation less awkward than a male gynaecologist. Despite the expertise of a male gynaecologist, women just feel naturally comfortable exposing their female parts to someone of the same gender. With the rising issue of sexual abuse from medical practitioners, this will also eliminate that fear.
Female Doctors Will Relate To You
This might be considered a subjective observation; however, it cannot be denied that a woman will understand how a woman’s body works better than a man can (even with extensive study). Thus, more patients prefer to work with a Sydney CBD female gynaecologist for this same reason. The level of empathy from a fellow female is evident and that will result to a more gentle approach upon examining you for your condition.
Female Doctors Can Understand You More
This final pointer is related to the above two factors. A female body’s makeup and physiology works differently than that of a male’s body. It is also two different things to study something as compared to actually living it. A Sydney CBD female gynaecologist might have probably experienced the same health concerns that you are having. By simply describing it to them, they know what you are talking about. Meanwhile, male doctors will only rely on what they have studied – this means that anything that they haven’t encountered before, they probably have no idea how to handle.
The industry has now produced more competent male gynaecologists, which is good news for women. It means that you have more opportunities to get the health care you deserve. But if you feel uncomfortable working with a male gynaecologist, you can always choose a female gynaecologist. But just because a doctor is a female does not mean that are the best for you – you need to do a complete background check to ensure that the gynaecologist you chose is medically competent too.