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Custom Training Programs Designed to Your Needs

The Pease Group Designs and Delivers Custom Training Programs — through Online Training and Live Training — that drive better business behavior. All of our custom training programs are designed for your company’s immediate and long-term needs and focuses on each participant’s growth.

Hit the Target, Cut Front-end Cost, Deliver Bigger Payoff

It doesn’t matter how much any program costs if it doesn’t do the job — it’s still wasted money. That’s why we customize: we want to meet your objectives, not sell you CD’s, tapes, or books. With Online Training, you get lower front-end costs: No travel expenses, no logistics, no hotel, and no personnel time lost out of the field. But the biggest payoff by far is sustained online training develops and reinforces better business behavior. We improve productivity permanently.

Online Training Programs, Online Sales Training

Our online sales training programs are not chat-rooms — thus avoiding scheduling conflicts or catering to the fastest typist. They are self-paced, deadline-driven, interactive training programs that engage both the individual and the group. Homework assignments and quizzes are due on a given day, but anytime during that day. Participation accountability is the individual’s responsibility. Group Reading and Best Practices Discussions require weekly participation — each person required to participate and interact by the deadline.

These online custom training programs are not technology-driven. They are objective driven. We are not interested in someone’s mastery of Power Point or their ability to use search engines. In fact, we do everything we can to make sure technology is a tool — not an impediment — to the learning process.

Custom Training Programs

The Pease Group realizes that Online Sales Training is not a stand-alone solution. The need and benefit of a personal, live training program is at times necessary. Live Custom Training Programs provide a complimentary interactive experience to the online training. Our trainers do not just sit behind a computer screen — they have the ability to travel, present a custom training program, and interact professionally with a business audience.